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February 11, 2014
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Home Decoration Ideas That Are Affordable

Do you have big dreams but only a small home decorating budget? Are you planning a major change or just wanting to update or freshen the look of a room with simple, inexpensive home décor? These are questions you might want to start with to focus on your intention for redecorating a room. Here are home decorating ideas from the experts to get you started on that home decorating project that you have been thinking about for some time.Interior D 12

If you are buying a major piece of furniture, you need to do your homework by researching and comparing quality and price. Sit on a couch and perhaps stretch out on it before buying it to make sure it’s right for you.

Spend your money where you can see it. Don’t spend $75 on a small vase when that $75 could be used for a beautiful mirror on an accent wall or even a cluster of mirrors that will offer a more dramatic look.

Look at the space you are redecorating with a fresh approach. Consider the basic pieces and rearrange the space; adding one new piece of furniture and changing accessories really changes the look of a room. Remember to keep in mind the function and style of the room.

February 18, 2014
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Using Mirrors For Your Home Decor And The Benefits

Decorating the home with mirrors is a great way to add light to any room. Mirrors can also make a room appear to be larger if they are placed in the locations. Mirrors can be used for decorations only or they can be used for a specific purpose. If mirrors with decorative frames are being used, it is important to match the frames with the current style of the room. This is not to say that they have to be the exact same color, just the same basic style so the frame and the rest of the decor in the room do not clash.

Placing a large mirror in a small room will make the room appear to be larger. With this in mind, placing mirrors on the ceiling can make the room appear taller. Mirrors can also be used practically to cover up holes or damages in the wall. This is a much less expensive way of hiding the flaw than paying to have the damage repaired. Since mirrors reflect light, placing a few of them in the entranceway of the home is a great way to greet visitors. People will be greeted in a bright, cheerful manner instead of a dark dreary one.

Interior D 10The most popular decorating tip for mirrors is to place the mirror behind an item that needs illuminations. Candles and lamps are good choices. Placing mirrors in dark areas, corners, or closets will also create illumination. Mirrors can also reflect off paintings for an interesting effect when placed properly. Adding a mirror over a fireplace can add more focus the fireplace while make the room seem larger and any items on the fireplace mantel will reflect off the mirror. Do not forget the bathroom. They are generally small and can use some sprucing up.

Mirrors are not necessarily just for the walls. Mirrors are great for placing under a lamp. This can add a little shine to any room. Mirrored trays work great and are easily moveable. Mirrored end tables and coffee tables are more permanent but can add real spark to an entire room. Long, scary hallways can be brightened up by using clusters of mirrors along the walls. They will make the hallway not seem so long and never-ending. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can brighten up virtually any area of the home. Any empty space on the wall can be filled with a mirror or cluster of mirrors that with trial and error are sure to end up looking great.

February 15, 2014
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Home Shopping For Bathroom Decorations

Whether you’re planning to remodel your entire bathroom or simply change the key focus areas of your decor and colors, southwest Mexican rustic home decor will make an excellent choice. Mexican decor for bathrooms gives a soothing look and feel…great for relaxing hot baths!

First, take time to view photos online of bathrooms with southwestern decor. Notice how colors are used to emphasize certain items. The walls might be painted in bold, bright colors such as red or blue, or with subtle earth tones. It’s important to plan wall and floor colors based on the look you wish to achieve. That’s why looking at various photos can provide an excellent start. For flooring, consider Mexican glazed tile or saltillo tile. Or if you’re not changing your actual flooring, add a colorful Mexican rug to match.

*Note about Mexican Decor Colors: The lighting and colors you choose can affect how your skin appears in the mirror. This can make applying makeup difficult. So be aware of how the colors will affect your morning routine before making a selection.

Other Considerations

Interior D 15The sink(s), tub, shower, toilet, towel racks, etc. can be chosen to match your bath colors. Mexican style sinks are often colorful in the bowl section of the sink. There are unusual patterns and colors for Mexican sinks, but they are beautiful when matched to other colors in the room. Choose lighting fixtures that give a Mexican decor flare as well. Use a rustic chandelier or wrought iron fixture for above lighting, and add rustic sconce light covers alongside a Mexican tin mirror.

Talavera pottery in a corner of the bath floor or on a shelf can also add to your southwest decor. This is lovely pottery made Mexican style with vibrant colors and amazing designs from “South of the Border.” And don’t forget to choose southwestern colors and patterns when buying a shower curtain, hand towels, and window coverings. These can all blend with other colors and patterns to create the mood you desire.

If you’re ready to create a southwest Mexican rustic home decor for your bathroom, check out online offerings first for great savings. You can find many accessories for bath decor and other rooms in your home, including equipal furniture, Mexican glassware (margarita blue rim drinking glasses and other colors), rustic decor items, southwest home decor rugs and wall paintings, and more. When shopping online, be sure the site offers authentic southwest decor products. There are many cheap imitations, so you might expect to pay a little more for quality furniture and accessories. But the great thing about buying online is you can easily match designs and colors from your home computer instead of browsing multiple stores in your area. You’ll potentially save time and money by shopping at a specialty Mexican decor shop online.